How we detect fake traffic

We ensure full protection from invalid traffic in three steps



Our engine analyses millions of requests, signals and patterns to empower you with real-time actionable intelligence about your traffic.



Using your tag manager, invalid audience lists are automatically generated allowing you to automatically de-targeted fake and low-quality traffic across all your major buying channels like GoogleAds, Facebook, DV360, Linkedin, Twitter and many more.



Our technology monitors evolving threats targeting your site and continuously improves its real-time decision engine.

_types of non-human activities

Anomaly checks

We analyse discrepancies in the data such as

If {useragent = iPhone} but {connection speed = data center} -> red flag

If {IP adresse = data center} -> red flag

If {useragent = iPhone} but {screen resolution ≠ known resolutions} -> red flag

If {plugins = none} If {language = none} If {window = 1×1} -> red flag

Browser Analysis

We ask the browser to run tasks and calculations to identify discrepancies.

Honey Pots

We apply several hundred honey pots – bot traps.

Behavioral Analysis

Sophisticated bots are able to closely mimic human behaviour. Using a combination of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models we look at how users interact with your site and highlight anomalous behaviour that does not fit to your site’s behavioural profile.
Human Behahvior
Bot Behahvior

Looking at factors such as

How long has the visitor spent on the page?

How quickly did the visitor make requests?

Did the visitor navigate as expected?

How many requests did the visitor make to the website?

Did the visitor load all the content on a page?

How much of your marketing is wasted on fake traffic?

1%, 4%, 36%?

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