Real-time ad fraud prevention.

Ad fraud can eat up to 34% of your budgets. We exclude invalid IPs, block fake clicks and protect all your channels like Google Search Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Bing, Youtube. 

Stop wasting money by targeting bots

Boost your campaign results

Acquire more customers

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Protect your business against two major revenue killers

1. Advertising Fraud
2. Contaminated Analytics

Stop bots from stealing your advertising budget.

Identify which ad campaigns drive profitable traffic and which are allowing bots to eat away your budget.

Remove automated non-human traffic.

Identify bots in real-time. Exclude invalid audiences from future remarketing campaings. Reach high-value users.

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Get uncontaminated analytics.

Bots account for 1/3 of internet traffic. This can pollute your analytics data. In partnership with CMP Usercentrics we report bot-free GDPR consent rates.

And more awesome features.

Stop competitors and click-farms from clicking on your ads

Prevent fraudulent leads

Increase conversion rates by maximizing engagement with humans – not bots

Create lookalike audiences based on confirmed humans

Never block real paying customers

All without compromising user experience

Installed within minutes.

Immediately protecting your site!

Integrate pixel

 Install the on-site tracking code by copy-and-paste.

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Connect with Google Analytics

Authorize your GA account.

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Be protected

Defend your site against the rising threats of bots.

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