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Fake traffic eats up to 16% of your ad budgets. We exclude fake traffic from all your media buying channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. Unlock hidden revenue opportunities, boost your campaign results and win more customers.

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Fake Traffic is eating up your ad budget

On average, 16% of PPC ad spend is wasted on automated non-human traffic. Advertisers pay to target and retarget this fake traffic month over month. We stop common forms of advertising fraud like click fraud, retargeting fraud and affiliate fraud.
0 %
of all ad clicks are invalid
0 %
of global internet traffic is generated by bots and fake users

We block fake traffic

and ensure you only pay for ads viewed and clicks by real and converting human users.

1. Detect fake traffic

  • Identify problematic lead-generation partners and initiatives

2. Eliminate Waste

  • Automatically block fake traffic that only clicks but never buys
  • Stop retargeting bots and fake users
  • Never block real paying customers

3. Boost Growth

  • Optimise your marketing spend
  • Increase your ROAS and CPA metrics
  • Maximise engagement with users who convert
  • Maintain clean CMP stats

Who do we block?

With fraud0 your ads are not shown to fraudulent and non-converting sources.
Malicious Botnets
A network of computers, smartphones or IoT devices whose security has been breached and control ceded to a third party, who is using the network to execute malicious attacks.
Web crawlers
Bots that systematically browse the web, visiting and scanning sites for information without approval. These bots pollute your analytics and should be removed from your data.
Click Farms
Large group of low-paid workers who are hired to click on paid advertising links for the click fraudster.
Competitors Clicks
Clicks from competitors who are looking to drain your ad budget.
Residential proxies allow bot makers to “bounce the traffic” through residential IP addresses and disguise it.
Automation Tools
Fraudsters deploy tools like Puppeteer or Selenium, which were originally created to help programmers test their work, but they make it simple to write bots that visit pages and click on ads.

Fake traffic infects ALL your marketing activities.

Fake Leads

Bots fill out lead forms, infiltrate your CRM and cause your sales team headaches as they’re trying to figure out which leads are real and which ones are fake.

Polluted CMP Stats

Bots interact with your consent banner and pollute important stats such as opt-in / opt-out rate.

Broken Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences based on fake traffic causing you to target more bad traffic with no intention of converting.

Ad Spend Waste

Botnets coming from data centers driving fake traffic for profit. Or competitors draining your ad budget.

Remarketing Waste

Bots pretending to be high-value users being tagged for retargeting, which will waste costly CPCs.

Skewed Optimisation

Marketing is optimized for highest volume of clicks - which is often bot generated. If this invalid traffic is not excluded, more fake traffic is targeted.

How it works

Automatically exclude invalid audiences

Once our tag is added to your tag manager, invalid audience lists are automatically generated and fake traffic can be de-targeted across all your major buying channels like GoogleAds, Facebook, DV360, Linkedin, Twitter and many more.

Remove fake traffic using our analytics suite

Use our analytics to understand where fraudulent traffic is coming from. Filter by campaign, channel, geo, keyword, OS level data etc and gain visibility on fake traffic.

Advanced cyber security
with > 1.000 real-time tests

We analyse data discrepancies and behavioural anomalies and apply a combination of real time scoring, behavioural analytics, device fingerprinting, honeypots, browser challenges and further undisclosed techniques.

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