Unlock additional revenue by blocking fake traffic

Automatically exclude fake traffic

By adding our tag to your tag manager, invalid traffic will be automatically grouped into negative audience lists for exclusion across all your media buying channels.

Remove further fake traffic using the analytics suite

Take a deep-drive into campaign, keyword, geo stats and exclude further fake traffic.

Protect all your buying channels

By running a JS tag on your site, we analyse your traffic patterns and detect invalid traffic in all your major buying channels. When fake traffic is detected, it is automatically excluded across all your platforms.

Identify which campaigns are driving fraud

Identify which ad campaigns drive profitable traffic and which are allowing bots to eat away your budget. Shift budgets to campaigns with more human traffic.

Understand which channels are driving fraud

See which channels drive human traffic to your site and shift budgets accordingly.

Analyse bot-free CMP stats

Bots account for 1/3 of internet traffic. This
can pollute all your analytics data. In partnership
with CMP Usercentrics we report bot-free
GDPR consent rates.

See and de-target fake traffic directly in Google Marketing Platform

Visualize fraudulent traffic directly in Google Analytics

How much of your marketing is wasted on fake traffic?

1%, 4%, 36%?

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