Frequently asked questions

Is fraud0 for me?

The answers is probably yes. We have seen 1% fradulent traffic and 100% fraudulent traffic. But we have never seen 0% fraud. On average we see that 16% of ad spend is lost due to fraudulent activities and low-quality traffic. Even if you have been a victim of ad fraud in the past, it’s never too late to start saving money.

Some indications for bot traffic:

  • High bounce rate (as per your CMP stats)
  • Poor Quality Leads
  • Anything Too High or Too Low (100% bounce rate, 0 seconds on site)
  • Anything Too Random or Too Consistent (same traffic every day; same spikes)
  • Anything that Doesn’t Make Common Sense (large volumes overnight)
  • High traffic from a specific referral site coupled with an unusually high bounce rate
  • Most traffic following a specific navigation pattern (all exiting on the same page)

Yes, Google and Facebook do detect fraudulent traffic, but many advertisers feel that they don’t do enough.

No. fraud0 was built to have no impact on your domain.

No, your website visitors won’t notice the use of fraud0. Only fraudulent traffic will notice it by being excluded from your ad campaigns.

Of course. You have the express right to protect yourself from fraudulent activities. Our detection algorithm were built with a strict privacy first approach. There is no PII (personally identifiable information) needed to label fake traffic but only standard javascript parameters.

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How does fraud0 work?

We monitor your campaigns 24/7 and block fraudulent non-human and low-quality users from clicking on your ads. There are two ways this works. First, we generate invalid audience lists using your tag manager. You can use these lists to de-target fake and low-quality traffic across all your major buying channels. Second, you can use our analytics suite to understand where fraudulent and low-quality traffic is coming from and react accordingly e.g. by shifting budgets to campaigns that drive more human traffic.

No. We only block fraudulent non-human and low-quality users from clicking on your ads. And we only do so when we’re 100% certain. We never block real paying customers.

No. And that’s the beauty about the negative audience lists we generate in real-time. Once you set the system up (10 minutes), negative audience lists are automatically updated and fed into all your favourite marketing platforms like Facebook, GoogleAds, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok etc. so unwanted traffic is de-targeted, in real-time and fully automatic.

We analyse data discrepancies and behavioural anomalies and apply a combination of real time scoring, behavioural analytics, device fingerprinting, honeypots, browser challenges and further undisclosed techniques to identify fraudulent activity and protect your ad budget accross all major channels like GoogleAds, Facebook, DV360, Linkedin, Twitter and many more.

fraud0 analyses the shopping behaviour and transactions on your site allowing you to exclude low-quality traffic. That is traffic that clicks on your ads but has none to very little intention of actually purchasing your products. Like accidentals clicks, out of geo clicks, researchers scanning the market or simply your competitors who can easily click on your ads multiple times a day to drain your ad budget.

We block fake and low-quality traffic. Fake traffic can be:



Data Center Data centers are a favored location for malicious bot networks. As data centers are secured locations where humans are typically not allowed access, traffic originating from a data center is likely to be a bot. For example, a session coming from an Amazon AWS data center address block is unlikely to be a valid human user.
Proxy Proxies are often used to obfuscate a user’s location or identity allowing bot makers to “bounce their traffic” through residential IP addresses and disguise it. Though it may be purporting to be relevant traffic coming from key markets such as the US, Germany or UK,  this traffic is actually from countries like India, Pakistan or Bangladesh. We maintain an internal blacklist of known proxy connection details & IP addresses.
Tor Tor, short for The Onion Router, is a protocol developed to anonymise web traffic. Fraudsters can use Tor to conceal their location and usage information.
Scrapers Malicious bots scan websites looking for specific information like email addresses, phone numbers, inventory details or pricing data. ​​This often happens on eCommerce site where scrapers search for pricing information to enable the competition to sell items for slightly less.
Behavioral Anomalies Because bots are computer programs that perform repeatable actions, precise repetition of activity can be an indication of non-human traffic. To detect non-human traffic, we measure for example the speed between clicks on a website. A human user will have variations in click timing and patterns and not act with inhuman precision. Another example is measuring the quantity of clicks within a session. A variance from normal human activity can indicate that the user is a bot. If actions are performed by a script, the number of clicks can be extremely low or extremely high. Either of these can indicate suspicious activity.
Automation Tools Fraudsters often deploy tools like Puppeteer or Selenium. These tools were originally created to help programmers test their work, but they make it simple to write bots that visit pages and click on ads.
False Representation False Representation, also known as “user agent spoofing”, occurs when the browser’s user agent string is modified with the intention of being misleading about who the user really is. If the user agent string is faked, the likelihood of traffic driven by a fraudulent user is very high. The technical lift and lack of benefits for a legitimate user makes it unlikely that a real user will modify the user agent string. This also includes user agent rotation. As new sessions are initiated, bots will use rotating details (such as browser type or operating system) in an attempt to pass themselves off legitimate human traffic. However, it’s highly unlikely that a real user’s IP address will have continually-changing user agent details, since real people tend to use the same devices regularly.
Cookie Rotation In order to avoid detection, fake traffic will rotate referrer cookies to appear human. If the same IP address, or other identifiers, is recorded with multiple cookies, a high level of suspicion is assigned because the normal relationship between user and cookie would be one to one.
Plugin Analysis We analyse irregularities between installed plugins and browser functionalities to identify bot traffic.
Blacklisted Referrer We maintain a blacklist of traffic referrers that are known sources of bad traffic, like bot farms, click farms or long-tail sites running solely on bot traffic. Traffic from known bad reference sources can indicate invalid activity.
Malicious Publisher Malicious publishers setup fake websites, fill them with plagiarised content, get them into ad exchanges drive bot traffic to these sites. We maintain a blacklist of malicious publishers and flag traffic coming from these sources.
Click Farms Click farms consist of a large group of low-paid workers hired to click on advertisements, like, share, comment, subscribe or follow social media accounts and are usually located in countries such as China, India, Indonesia and Bangladesh.
Known Bots  We maintain a database of known bot and crawler traffic sources.


We monitor your traffic at all times 24/7 and block unwanted traffic instantaneously.

If we detect unwanted clicks on one platform, we’ll automatically block it on all other platforms too. For example, if we detect invalid users on GoogleAds, we’ll exclude them from your GoogleAds, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit Ads account too. This gives you added peace of mind that bad traffic cannot retarget you on any other platform.

VPN usage is one factor we take into account when analysing for fraudulent activity. However, we will never block a user just because they are using a VPN.

Proxy connections have a much higher chance of being malicious than VPN connections. We maintain an internal blacklist of known proxy connection details & IP addresses. Our analysis shows that over 99.3 % of ad clicks from proxy networks are non-legitimate users. For this reason, we will block the users of proxies by default.

Choosing a plan

Yes, there are no strings attached and there is no need to enter your credit card details.

During and after the free trial period you can upgrade and purchase the monthly or annual package.

The main difference is the number of monthly available sessions.

If you do not exceed your plan on a regular basis nothing will happen. If you exceed your plans limit on a regular basis we will upgrade you to a higher plan – but we will notify you first of course.

There are no strings attached and no additional fees.

We support an unlimited number of landing pages for each domain on all of our packages.

There are different ways to pay for fraud0 including major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Your payment options depend on the country you live in.

Getting started

The first thing you need to do is to integrate our tracking code to your domain. The code is a small piece of JavaScript code that you paste into your website pages. The code enables us to detect and block invalid and low-quality traffic. We recommend placing the tag directly on site.

No. You will see traffic data coming into your dashboard, but you’ll need to setup “Negative Audience Lists” and de-target unwanted traffic back in your ad platforms like GoogleAds, Facebook and Linkedin.


Customers Support

Our friendly support team is ready to help out 24/7. Please send an email to When you have created a free account already, please add your Workspace ID to the email, which can be found on the top left corner.

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