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Is fraud0 for me?

The answers is probably yes. We have seen 1% fradulent traffic and 100% fraudulent traffic. But we have never seen 0% fraud. On average we see that 16% of ad spend is lost due to fraudulent activities. Even if you have been a victim of ad fraud in the past, it’s never too late to start saving money.
Yes, Google and Facebook do detect fradulent traffic, but many advertisers feel that they don’t do enough.
We monitor all incoming traffic and if someone is using a dynamic IP, we tag the devices and will block any IP that is used by that same device.
No. fraud0 was built to have no impact on your domain.
No, your website visitors won’t notice the use of fraud0. Only fraudulent traffic will notice it by being excluded from your ad campaigns.
Of course. You have the express right to protect yourself from fraudulent activities. Our detection algorithm were built with a strict privacy first approach. There is no PII (personally identifiable information) needed to label fake traffic but only standard javascript parameters.
Create a free account. You can be up and running within a few minutes.

How does fraud0 work?

Once our tag is added to your tag manager, invalid audience lists are automatically generated and fake traffic can be de-targeted across all your major buying channels like GoogleAds, Facebook, DV360, Linkedin, Twitter and many more. Further, you can remove fake traffic using our analytics suite and see where fraudulent traffic is coming from by campaign, channel, geo, keyword, OS level data etc.
We analyse data discrepancies and behavioural anomalies and apply a combination of real time scoring, behavioural analytics, device fingerprinting, honeypots, browser challenges and further undisclosed techniques to identify fraudulent activity and protect your ad budget accross all major channels like GoogleAds, Facebook, DV360, Linkedin, Twitter and many more.
We block fake traffic that clicks on your ads but has no intention of converting including malicious botnets, webcrawlers, proxies, competitor clicks and click farms.
We monitor your traffic at all times 24/7 and block fraudulent traffic instantaneously.
VPN usage is one factor we take into account when analysing for fraudulent activity. However, we will never block a user just because they are using a VPN.
Proxy connections have a much higher chance of being malicious than VPN connections. We maintain an internal blacklist of known proxy connection details & IP addresses. Our analysis shows that over 99.3 % of ad clicks from proxy networks are non-legitimate users. For this reason, we will block the users of proxies by default.

Choosing a plan

Yes, there are no strings attached and there is no need to enter your credit card details.
Yes, you can only protect 160.000 sessions during your free trial period.
During and after the free trial period you can upgrade and purchase the monthly or annual package.
We have full confidence in our fraud protection solution so we do not tie our customers to long term contracts. Our standard contract is monthly based and can be canceled at any time. We also offer an annual subscription package that comes with a 20% discount for a year of fraud protection. This contract is locked in for the year and is paid in one-time up front payment.
The main difference is the number of monthly available sessions.
The difference is how often you pay your subscription fee. With monthly billing, you will be charged on the same day each month. With annual billing, you are charged once for the whole year.
If you do not exceed your plan on a regular basis nothing will happen. Also, we will not upgrade your plan without notifying you first.
There are no strings attached and no additional fees.
We support an unlimited number of landing pages for each domain on all of our packages.
There are different ways to pay for fraud0 including major credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Your payment options depend on the country you live in.

Getting started

The first thing you need to do is to integrate our tracking code to your domain. The code is a small piece of JavaScript and non-JavaScript code that you paste into your website pages. It enables fraud0 to monitor and block invalid bot traffic. We recommend placing the fraud0 tag directly on site which will allow the fraud0 tag to fire quicker, allowing us to catch fake traffic that is visiting your page and exiting before your Tag Manager even has a chance to load.
Yes. Please head on over to the bottom left corner on your dashboard and choose
“Account” and then “Ad Domain”
Please head on over to the bottom left corner on your dashboard and choose
“Account” and then “Billing & Domains”

Customers Support

Our friendly support team is ready to help out 24/7. Please send an email to

How much of your marketing is wasted on fake traffic?

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