Give yourself a competitive advantage

Automatically exclude invalid audiences

With the help of Negative Audience Groups, you automatically block fake and low-quality traffic in real time. On all your channels such as Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and many more.

Remove unwanted traffic

With our analytics suite, you can detect fake and low-quality traffic at a glance. Additionally, filter your data based on various options such as channel, campaign, geolocation, keyword, device, browser and many more.

Protect all your channels

With our script you analyze your traffic on all channels. If unwanted traffic is detected on one platform, it will be automatically blocked on all your other channels as well. This way you protect your advertising budget in the best possible way.

Prioritize real people

Separate profitable ad campaigns from campaigns that deliver almost exclusively bot traffic. Optimize your ROAS and shift your budget to campaigns with more real, human traffic.

Maximize your ROAS

Identify the percentage of invalid traffic per channel. Shift your budget not only within a channel, but also across channels. This will maximize your Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

Clean your opt-in data

Protect your analytics data from bot-generated traffic to have a real basis for decision-making. In partnership with Usercentrics, we provide bot-cleansed opt-in and opt-out data.

Visualize fraudulent traffic directly in Google Analytics

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