Detecting fraud

Detecting fraud is like finding a needle in a haystack – it’s extremely difficult. Fraud0’s methodology utilises real time scoring combined with behavioural analytics and device fingerprinting and is able to detect human and automated traffic  in real time with extremely low false-positive rates.

Bot traffic

Approximately ⅓ of internet traffic is estimated to be generated by bots (spiders, extensions, headless browsers, toolbars etc. – collectively referred to as “bots”). For fraudsters bots are the weapon of choice. They can run tirelessly and perform repetitive tasks more efficiently than any human ever could like clicking thousandfold on an ad or scraping all the data of a site. Bots have evolved over the years and are able to mimic user behavior with such accuracy that traditional detection tech cannot catch them.

bot traffic

Real time scoring

With Fraud0 each user interacting on your website is given a score for the potential likelihood of fraud. The score is a number between 0 and 100. 1 indicates a high, 100 indicates a low likelihood of fraud. Over 150 different attributes determine the score such as a IP address, how quickly a user navigates between pages, whether the user is using a mouse, how many times a page is loaded, previous behaviour etc.

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Behavioral analytics

Most fraud detection companies detect fraud by looking at static information alone such as a concealed IP addresses or location. However sophisticated bots are able to closley mimic human behaviour and often slip through. Still despite all their sophistication, a bot is still a bot and will always behave differently from a human user. A human cannot shop and checkout in 10 seconds. A bot can. Fraud0 looks at how users interact and highlights anomalous behaviour that do not fit your site’s behavioural profile.

Example: Where do visitors click?

Click patterns on desktop and mobile screens, vs bots (Dr. Augustine Fou).

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