Stop advertisting fraud

Up to 34% of your ad spend is wasted on automated non-human traffic. Advertisers pay to target and retarget this fake traffic month over month. Fraud0 stops common forms of advertising fraud like click fraud, impression fraud, retargeting fraud and affiliate fraud. 

Fully integrated in Google Analytics

By linking your Google Analytics account with Fraud0 and using its’ Custom Dimensions list, low-scoring traffic can be excluded from future remarketing campaigns. You can use these audiences as part of your Google Ads campaign, or any other marketing tools that uses your Google Analytics audiences

Get a scoring for each campaign

By tracking UTM codes, we can analyse the traffic to your site that’s referred by your campaigns.

Compare scored campaigns for the presence of bot traffic and fraud

See which campaigns bring in the best traffic

Reroute money away from fraudsters towards real humans

ad fraud statistics in software fraud0
ad fraud detection & prevention savings
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Save by optimising your retargeting

Prevent bots and fraudulent users from being tagged for remarketing

Tag high-value users for more effective remarketing

Track how much you save on advertising by blocking fraudulent users

Example: Ad spend € 15k per month. Fraud0 saves
€ 3.000

  • Preventing remarketing fraud e.g. Criteo, Sociomantic
  • Dynamic Google Ads negative lists
  • Social media blacklisting (e.g. negative audience targeting)


    Improve campaign performace

    Get actionable recommendations how to improve low scoring campaings

    Improve with one click

    ad fraud recommendations in software fraud0

    Get uncontaminated analytics

    Bots account for 1/3 of global internet traffic. And all their fake traffic and clicks are faithfully recorded in Google Analytics as it only filters for known bots (IAB official list). Further, bots accept GDPR consents to be taged for retargeting and an estimated 20% of all consent and non-consent are fake. So, if your analytics can’t tell which users and clicks are fake, then you’re making poor marketing decisions because of inaccurate insights. Fraud0 integrates directly into Google Analytics and into CMP Usercentrics to give you bot-free data.

    Bot-free GDPR consent rates
    (in partnership with CMP Usercentrics)

    Bot-free conversion rates


      Webinar with ad fraud expert Dr. Augustine Fou.

      • What is bot traffic (3:12)
      • What is ad fraud? (9:25)
      • How bad guys commit ad fraud (12:40)
      • How marketers are harmed (31:00)
      • 3 tips how to detect fraud (36:54)
      • Analytics to stop fraud (39:10)

      Does ad fraud really affect me?

      We have seen 1% fraud. And we have seen 100% fraud. But never 0%.

      How does ad fraud work?

      There are a variety of ways money can be diverted from your advertising budget. Many of them are quickly setup and fraudsters can make a lot of money quickly with little effort. There are two main types of ad fraud. CPM and CPC. With CPM, fraudsters set up fake websites and make money selling ad impressions using bot traffic. With CPC, the bot has to cause the ad to load and then do a second step – click on it – to earn the ad revenue.

      See more about how ad fraud works 

      Isn't my agency protecting me?

      One of the key challenges with advertising fraud, the analytics on advertising come from the companies that sell advertising to you. And so there is little incentive to dig deep as ad agencies and networks make money weather the view is real or fake. That leaves companies to fight for themselves.

      How does Fraud0 protect me?

      It integrated directly into your Google Analytics account and excludes low scoring traffic from future remarketing campaigns. Your estimated savings based on industry specific CPCs are calculated and displayed. Further, it allows to tag high-value users for more effective remarketing. 

      How do you handle data privacy?

      The detection algorithms was built with privacy first. There is no PII (personally identifiable information) needed to label bots or not – only standard javascript parameters are needed. All servers are located in Germany.

      Whom is Fraud0 for?

      Fraud0 is for every online marketer! Even if you have been a victim of adfraud in the past, it’s never too late to start saving money.

      How much does it cost?

      Pricing is based only on your actual traffic. We usually save much more than our software costs.

      How can I get started?

      It only takes minutes to set up but it immidiatly protects your site. Get in touch and receive a personalized walk-through!

      Ready to see how it all works?
      We’d love to show you!